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Special Education Department


Linda Maniglia - Director of Pupil Personnel Services

Linda Maniglia - Director of Pupil Personnel Services


1 Col. Brian Duffy Way
Rockland, MA. 02370

Phone: 781 878-1380
Fax: 781 871-8427

Students who are unable to progress effectively in the general education environment and who are suspected to have a disability will be referred for a team evaluation. If a student is eligible, the team will develop an individual education program (IEP) and a placement where the student's needs can be met. Students who are eligible for special education may have their needs met in a variety of ways that may include some time out of the general education classroom. A variety of programs and services are available at each level in the public schools including therapy services (OT, PT, SLP).

Programs available at the K - 12 levels:

  • Academic Support
  • Special education supported mainstream academic classes
  • Substantially separate academic classes
  • Substantially separate special education programs


Mrs. Sharon McGonnigal
Special Education Chairperson, grades 9-12
Rockland High School
52 MacKinlay Way
Rockland, MA 02370
Telephone: 781 871-8416
Ms. Kathleen Mignacca
Special Education Coordinator, grades 5-8
John W. Rogers Middle School
100 Taunton Avenue
Rockland, MA 02370
Telephone:  781 878-4341


Mrs. Emily Kidd
R. Stewart Esten School
733 Summer Street
Rockland, Ma 02370
781 878-8336
Grades 1 - 5
Mrs. Lisa Whelan
Memorial Park School
One Brian Duffy Way
Rockland, MA 02370
781 878-1367
Grades 1 - 5

Programs available at the preschool level:

  • Integrated preschool program
  • Autistic preschool program
  • Non-verbal/behavior disorder program
  • Peer screening
  • Special education screening
  • Early Childhood evaluations
  • Early intervention liaison


Deb Corvini
Early Childhood Coordinator
Rockland Preschool
Jefferson School

34 James Street
Rockland, MA 02370

Special Education Parent Advisory Council

The Rockland Special Education Parent Advisory Council meets throughout the school year as determined by the PAC at its May meeting. All parents and other interested parties are welcome and encouraged to attend. Meeting notices are sent to all parents of children with special needs. Other information is distributed in the schools. For further information please contact:


PattiAnn Mayo
Pupil Personnel Services Office
Phone: 781-878-1380

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