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Grade 8

Nicole Bianchi - Math

Nick DiRenzo - Science

Jeanne Pratt - English

Melissa Harris - Social Studies

Kirsten MacDonald - Social Studies

Julie Minahan - English

Ron Ricciarelli - Science

Mary Scopelleti-Howes - Math

Jessica Carpine- Paraprofessional




Science - matter and interaction, atoms, molecules and compounds, forces and interactions, Earth, Life Science, heredity, biological evolution, technology/engineering

Math - equations, transformations, angles and triangles, graphing and writing linear equations, system of linear equations, functions, Pythagorean Theorem, volume and similar solids, data analysis and displays, exponents and scientific notation

Social Studies - Ancient Rome, the decline of Rome, the rise of Christianity, India, Medieval, Europe, Japan, China, Early Americas

English- narrative, informative, persuasive, essay, and summary forms of writing, complex writing structures, grammar and conventions in writing, literary terms, thematic literature study and analysis using a variety of genres including novels, short story, drama, nonfiction and informational writing, compare/contrast essay writing, Author Study workshop, poetry, vocabulary in literature

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