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Team 7B

Faculty : 

Ryan Austin- English

Jamie DesRoche - Social Studies

Chuck McDonald - Math

Leah Ouderkirk- Science

Lee Casey - Paraprofessional



Science - waves (mechanical & transverse), weather, energy, human body, ecology

Math - integers, rational numbers, expressions and equations,inequalities, ratios and proportions, percent, construction and scale drawings, circles and areas, surface area and volume, probability and statistics

Social Studies - Early Man, Ancient Mesopotamia, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Israel & Phoenicia, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome

English- narrative, informative, persuasive, essay, and summary forms of writing, complex writing structures, proper conventions and mechanics in writing, literature study and analysis using a variety of novels, short stories, drama, nonfiction/informational text, compare/contrast essay writing, theme essays, and point of view writing, poetry, speaking skills through discussion and debate, vocabulary


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