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Team 6A


Janet Cook - Reading

Nancy Grattan - English

Hannah Panaro - Science

Greg Pomfred - Math

Sue Sullivan - Paraprofessional



Science -mass, weight, volume and density, cell structure & function, evolution, Plate Tectonics, Earth in space

Math - numerical expressions and factors, fractions and decimals, algebraic expressions and properties, areas of polygons,  ratios and rates,  integers and the coordinate plane,  equations and inequalities, surface area and volume, statistical measures,  data displays

Geography - The world outside of the United States and North America with an emphasis on map and globe skills, Neolithic and Paleolithic Eras

English- writing including narrative, informative, persuasive, essay and summary writing, grammar and  parts of speech, complex sentence structures, Conventions and mechanics of writing, Figurative Language, Short story and non-fiction literature, poetry

Reading- genres of literature, reading comprehension skills including finding main idea, determining important details, making inferences and drawing conclusions, active reading and close reading strategies, literary terms, figures of speech, summary writing, compare and contrast of literature in essay, point of view writing, vocabulary


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