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Team 5B


Emelia Caliri - Math

Tricia Fallon - Science 

Shannon Looney - English

Jean Page - Reading

Julie Burke  - Paraprofessional


Topics by Subject 

Science- space, weather (water cycle, tides, moon phases), energy (light, sound, simple machines, magnets), plant structures, ecosystems, rocks & minerals

Math- whole number, decimal, and fraction computations, numerical expressions, patterns, and relationships, volumes of solids, classifying plane figures, coordinate geometry, representing and interpreting data, converting units of measure

Social Studies- 13 Colonies, American Revolution, American government, Civil War and Civil Rights, Principles of US Government

English- forms of writing  including informative/expository, narrative, argument/opinion/persuasive, summarizing and correspondence, identifying and writing different types/structures  of sentences, grammar and parts of speech, writing conventions and mechanics, figurative language, poetry

Reading- genres of literature, reading comprehension skills including finding main idea, determining important details, making inferences, drawing conclusions, active reading and close reading strategies, literary terms, figures of speech, summary writing, compare and contrast of literature in essay writing, point of view writing, vocabulary




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