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Ready for Kindergarten

Rockland Public Schools Kindergarten

Welcome to the Kindergarten Web Page. Kindergarten is such an important time in your child’s education. It is your child’s first real public school experience. It is a year of tremendous emotional, social, and academic growth. We hope that you will find information here that will help ease the transition to Kindergarten for both you and your child. Please read the following information to learn more about kindergarten policies and procedures.


  1. What programs does Rockland have for my child?

Free full-day Kindergarten is offered for all children who reside in Rockland, MA.

  1. When does the school year start?

Kindergarten begins a few days after the rest of Rockland Public Schools. Therefore, the Kindergarten start date for the 2016-17 year is on Tuesday, September 6, 2016.

  1. How will my child get to school?

Every student registered in Kindergarten will be provided with bus transportation. If your child will not be picked up or dropped off at a bus stop near your house, please let us know immediately. All students’ pick up and drop off location must remain consistent throughout the year.

  1. I have heard that my child will be screened. What does that mean and when will it happen?

It is a Massachusetts requirement that all students are screened upon entering Kindergarten. Currently, Rockland Public Schools use the ESI-K (Early Screening Inventory for Kindergarten) assessment tool. The screening will help us understand your child better. The screenings will be scheduled during the last days of school of the current school year (in June). You will receive a time and date for your screening in the middle of May via the mail. The screenings last no longer than 30 minutes.

  1. What can I do to help my child get ready for Kindergarten?

The most important thing you can do for your child is to read to him/her everyday. You can even go to the Rockland Library a get a library card for your child, if you do not have one. Make going to the library a weekly event.

Highlighted Policies and Procedures


Please call the school if your child is going to be absent and upon returning to school please send in a note explaining the absence. If your child is absent for five consecutive days, a note from the doctor will be needed before returning to school.


While we understand how special birthdays can be for our students, we no longer allow food celebrations. You may send in a special book to be read or any other non-perishable means to celebrate. Please consult with the classroom teacher before doing so.


Town wide school calendars will be on sale in the school office in late August. This cost is $1.00. Each month your child will also receive a Jefferson School Newsletter and a classroom newsletter to keep you up to date on activities at school. Please make sure you note any early release dates and/or other dates when school will not be in session.


Please make sure you check your child’s folder each day. There will be important notices that will be coming home regularly.


Full Day 9:00-3:10


The Parent Advisory Council is a great way to get involved and volunteer. The PAC meets the first Wednesday of each month at 6:30pm.


Parent conferences are held in the Fall and in the Spring.


Kindergarten report cards are issued in the winter and spring. Each student will receive a progress report in the fall.


Please do not send your child to school in flip-flops. Also, we ask that all tank top straps are, at least, two fingers thick and that shorts are as long as your child’s fingertips. Please label all articles of clothing as well.


We have snack every day. Please send in a nutritious snack. Milk can be purchased.


Please check the local TV stations for no school announcements. An all-call will also be sent out. Please make sure your contact information is consistently current with the main office.


Please do not send toys to school.


All Kindergarten students are bused to school. Please have your child wear his/her bus tag for the first week of school.

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