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RHS Special Education Department

Shelley Coulombe
Brian Fisher
Rich Gattine
Sharon McGonnigal (Department Head)
Damien Ricci
Joanne White
Denise Brownell
Yvonne Chevrette
Denise Mahoney
Paula Reyno


Students who are unable to progress effectively in the general education environment and who are suspected to have a disability will be referred for a team evaluation. If a student is eligible, the team will develop an individual education program (IEP) and a placement where the student’s needs can be met. Students who are eligible for special education may have their needs met in a variety of ways that may include some time out of the general education classroom. A variety of programs and services are available at each level in the public schools including therapy services (OT, PT, SLP).

  • Academic Support
  • Special education supported mainstream academic classes
  • Substantially separate academic classes
  • Substantially separate special education programs

Rockland High School was honored to host the 5th Annual MASC Special Olympics Bocce Tournament on January 29, 2017. Over 40 schools participated in 2 Bocce Tournaments across the state of Massachusetts.

RHS also offers a successful Unified Sports Program. Students have the opportunities to participate in Unified Kickball, Soccer, and Basketball against surrounding towns. 

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