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RHS Physical Education & Health Department


Michael Doyle

Brenda Folsom (Department Head)

Sue Phelps

Freshmen Health


Physical Education

Unified Physical Education

Sport Strength & Conditioning


Physical Education

Unified Physical Education

Sport Strength & Conditioning


Physical Education

Senior Issues

Unified Physical Education

Sport Strength & Conditioning


The integrated program of physical education and health at Rockland High School is designed to meet the general health and wellness needs of all students in their freshman, sophomore, junior and senior years. In compliance with both the Massachusetts State Health Curriculum frameworks goals and the SHAPE America National standards goals, the Physical Education/Health studies program will prepare students to be active for life.

FRESHMEN HEALTH (½ Credit) (Grades 9)

This Health Education course is required of all freshmen.  This course is designed to assist students in making positive choices related to physical, mental/emotional, and social health.  Topics in this dynamic course include; Global health vs. health in the United States (past, present, and future concerns), mental health, mental health disorders, dealing with stress in a positive way, infectious disease prevention, time management strategies, human reproduction, health relationships and setting goals for a lifetime of healthy living.

PHYSICAL EDUCATION (½ Credit) (Grades 10-12)

Students enrolled in physical education will participate in an assortment of team/group games and activities throughout the semester.  Students will develop a fundamental understanding of personal fitness and skills for individual and group problem solving, as well as the rules and regulations of various team and lifetime games.  Students will also have opportunities to design and practice personalized fitness programs and activities to improve functional strength and flexibility, core stability, speed, power, agility and cardiovascular health.

UNIFIED PHYSICAL EDUCATION (½ Credit) (Grades 10-12)

The objective of our Unified physical education class is to promote social inclusion through shared sports training and skill development experiences.  Unified sports joins students with and without intellectual disabilities within the same class.  The class participates in modified games and skills following the physical education curriculum.  Participants in the class must have instructor permission to enroll.

SPORT STRENGTH AND CONDITIONING (½ Credit) (Grades 10-12)                     

This semester course will seek to improve an individual's functional sport strength. All sports have common actions that require the integration of muscular strength, flexibility, core stability, speed, power, and agility.  This course will utilize a variety of strength and conditioning techniques to improve one’s baseline levels and help reduce risk of sport-related injury.  Programs are designed toward individual sports-related needs.  This physically demanding course is ideal for individuals seeking to improve their skill and sport-related fitness.  This course will be offered in the fall and spring.

SENIOR ISSUES (½ Credit) (Grade 12)

This course focuses on the issues/challenges that young adults face today.  Students will analyze their personal health choices and risks based on their decision making practices.  The curriculum is composed of three major content areas according to the three aspects of health:  mental, physical and social health.  Topics include building healthy communication skills, understanding health literacy, developing a personal plan of action, recognizing addictive behaviors, relationship responsibilities including protecting oneself from dating violence, and basic human sexuality.  Emphasis is placed on responsible decision making skills, which accompany factual information and student group analysis of health issues.


RHS students attended the Pat’s Chat last December at the Patriots Hall of Fame. RHS Students were selected to participate in Pat’s Chat because the Patriots sponsor the school’s Fitnessgram Software. Students were able to learn about dietary and exercise health of an athlete, discuss the importance of time management, education, and responsible actions. Students learned the importance of teamwork as well.

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