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Elementary Building Project


On February 15, 2017, the board of the Massachusetts School Building Authority invited the Town of Rockland to partner with them to build a new elementary school. Rockland was selected among over 156 individual school applications to participate in this needs-based program. Having recently rebuilt the Rogers Middle School and renovated Rockland High School, this project would provide Rockland children with state-of-the-art schools for decades to come. We look forward to support from the community.


Questions? Contact Dr. Alan Cron at or call (781) 878-1483


Questions? Contact Dr. Alan Cron at or call (781) 878-1483

Common Questions from the Community

Q: Why do we need a new elementary school?

A: Our elementary schools are over 50 years old. Heating, electrical and plumbing systems are increasingly difficult to maintain and afford and the classrooms are not up to modern standards.

Q: Which school would be replaced?

A: The vision of the school district is to build one large elementary school to replace the Memorial Park Elementary and the Jefferson Elementary School and house all grade 1-4 students district-wide.

Q: What has happened with the building project since May 1, 2017 when the town voted to set aside $800,000 for the feasibility study?

A: (1) Following the successful May 1st vote, on June 6th, the Rockland Board of Selectman voted to establish an Elementary School Building Committee. In July, the district delivered two required reports to the MSBA: (2) the Educational Profile Questionnaire and the (3) Online Enrollment Projection Report. Both reports have been accepted by the MSBA. 

Q: What happens next?

A: The district and building committee will advertise and hire an Owner's Project Manager. The first job of the OPM is to help the district and the building hire an architect. The architect will work with the district, the building committee, and the MSBA to look at all options including locations and designs, and provide options. This process will take 6-8 months. The town will then vote to approve or not approve the funding of the project.

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