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The Rockland Public Schools empowers students to excel, to lead and to become dynamic, responsible and successful members of our global society.

Adopted by the RPS Strategic Planning Steering Committee *


Achievement: We believe all students can learn, grow and succeed.

Character: We believe in accountability, integrity, respect and responsibility to ourselves and our community.

Collaboration: We believe in a safe, inclusive and unified learning environment.

Perseverance: We believe in working hard to accomplish our goals especially when faced with challenges.

Adopted by the RPS Strategic Planning Steering Committee on 

*Steering Committee Members:

Beth Bohn
Tim Wells
Margie Black
Marilyn Smith
Michelle Scheufele
Lisa Ryan
Kelsey Holbrook
Mark Shom
Linda Maniglia
Cheryl Thompson
David Cable-Murphy
Mary Morgan
Jan Sheehan
Cheryl Schipper
Colleen Forlizzi
Kathy Paulding
John Piazza
Brenda Folsom
Karen MacKinnon
Freea Leahy
John Harrison
Alan Cron

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