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Rogers Middle School Students Share Self-Authored Children’s Books With Pre-Schoolers

ROCKLAND — Superintendent Alan Cron and Rogers Middle School Principal Beth Bohn are pleased to announce that seventh grade students recently authored their own children’s books, which they shared with some of the town’s youngest learners.

Seventh graders in Katie Thornley’s class created a children’s book as part of their exploration of literary elements like theme, conflict resolution and fictional plots. Once written, the students read their work aloud to students at Rockland Preschool on Friday, April 12.

The project started with an opportunity for the seventh graders to brainstorm about their favorite books as children and reminisce about the time in their lives when their love of reading began. That brainstorming session then served as the catalyst for a multi-day effort by students to write books of their own.

The seventh graders said that having the chance to read their work to a live audience gave their work added meaning and significance to the project.

“It was great to see the seventh graders take pride in their role as leaders and role models when they were with the preschoolers, and have an appreciation for the fact that the younger kids were looking up to them,” Thornley said. “They really seemed to enjoy the whole process, and I think it helped them take ownership of their work and make the assignment more meaningful.”


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