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Rockland’s Jefferson Elementary Students Hold 8th Annual Wax Museum

ROCKLAND — Principal Michelle Scheufele is pleased to share that Jefferson Elementary School held its 8th Annual Wax Museum event last week.

On Friday, April 5, second grade students at Jefferson Elementary gathered in the gymnasium to give one-minute presentations on various historic figures to school officials, family, and fellow students. The event is spearheaded each year by second grade teacher Pam Sheridan. Kristin Killion, a student teacher at Jefferson Elementary, also helped organize this year’s wax museum. Second grade teachers Kathy Sullivan and Renai Gildea also supported the event by helping their students prepare their presentations.

The students were each dressed as a historic figure they had researched for three weeks, acting as “wax figures” in a “wax museum.”

“The Wax Museum is always a big hit among students and their families,” Principal Scheufele said. “It gives students a chance to practice their research and public speaking skills. but also allows them to be creative and dress up as their historic figure. It’s a lot of fun, and it allows students to look at history in a new light.”

Visitors to the event pressed a homemade button in front of each student “wax figure” that read “press me.” After the button was pressed, each student would begin their one-minute speech summarizing their research on their historic figure.

Historic figures students researched and dressed as included Rosa Parks, Amelia Earhart, Jackie Robinson, Albert Einstein, George Washington, Ben Franklin, Neil Armstrong, Michelle Obama, and Helen Keller.


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