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English and World Language Curriculum Updates

  • Students in the English department had a busy start of term 3. In grade 9, students in Honors English participated in a Greek god and goddess election in which freshmen had to write a persuasive speech and deliver it to the class. Students in Grade 10 explored themes of duty and conscience as the students read Antigone. Grade 11 American Literature students responded to five professional literary critiques of Fahrenheit 451. Students have been writing analytical essays using both primary and secondary sources. AP English Language students completed a unit on Madness and Media. Students had the opportunity to engage in discussions in areas of pop culture as they discussed whether or not the media further stigmatizes mental illness or helps to address it and create useful conversations surrounding this topic. Grade 12 students presented chapters from 1984. Seniors facilitated conversations highlighting plot, characters, key scenes, and connections to works of art and real-life situations. Students in AP Literature explored characterization through a film to address how complexity in characters advances theme. Students completed timed-writes, an annotated bibliography, and in-depth character studies. Thank you to Ms. Cahill and the English Department for taking the time to provide an update on the happenings within their department.


  • Students in the World Language Department learned a lot during the past few months. Sophomores took a virtual tour of the White House by completing a Spanish guided scavenger hunt. Students also used Google Expedition to review furniture and house vocabulary in Spanish. Seniors in Spanish IV performed as travel agents and tourists with the task of creating trip packages to sell to classmates! If you need a travel agent- don’t hesitate to ask our seniors! Thank you to Ms. Palmer and the World Language Department for their curriculum updates.


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