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Rockland Middle School Students Participate in Local Math Tournament

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Friday, March 22, 2019

Contact: Benjamin Paulin
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Rockland Middle School Students Participate in Local Math Tournament

ROCKLAND — Principal Elizabeth Bohn is pleased to announce that several Rogers Middle School students recently participated in a regional math tournament, testing their individual math skills and ability to problem solve as a group.

The South Shore Middle School Math Tournament 2019 was held at Hanover Middle School on March 13 and featured students from Rockland, Norwell, Hanover, Hanson, Pembroke and Scituate.

The 10 students that make up the RMS Math Team are: Sydney Blaney, Emma Cameron, Maheen Chowdhury, Esabella DeFilippo, Sarah Donnelly, Cailey Larouco, Manual Marin, Lexie McKenna, Vivian Nguyen and Emma Radzik.

The team also features five alternates, who have worked hard this year and stand ready to jump in, if needed. The alternates are Evan Girouard, Gavin Mattos, Lina Nassif, Fiona Overstreet and Tyler Williams.

The tournament featured an individual round where students worked on their own to solve 10 questions in 30 minutes. In another activity, students split into groups of five and worked together to solve problems. All of the work had to be done without a calculator.

The purpose of the tournament was to bring students from the communities together for a friendly math event that included collaboration and problem solving. It was an opportunity for students who love math to be recognized for their talent and represent their school.

“I am proud of our math team students as this was their first time participating in such an event,” Principal Bohn said. “It was a great way for these kids to meet other students who enjoy math and problem solving and get some experience working in a group atmosphere.”


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