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Memorial Park Hosts Family Game Night

Molly, grade 4, Kailey, grade 2 and their mom, Tracey played Scrabble at game night at Memorial Park Elementary School on Jan. 24.

January 26, 2019

Thirty-eight families attended Memorial Park Elementary School’s Game Night on Thurs. Jan. 24 from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m.  Spreading out throughout the school cafeteria they played all sorts of games from perennial favorite, Scrabble to Boggle, Bananagrams and many others.

Game night is part of Memorial Park’s monthly Parent Academy sessions organized by Title I and lead ELA teacher, Kelsey Holbrook. MP Principal Janice Sheehan and many of the school’s teachers attended the event along with several Rockland High School students who served as volunteers.

Holbrook explained that this session focused on games to play at home to promote literacy and to build reading fluency in young readers. It also gives parents ideas and concrete, fun ways to promote their child’s learning at home.   Thanks to a grant from the Rockland Education Foundation, each family left with a free game to play at home.

Holbrook said, “Incorporating word games is a great way to connect and make learning fun. The brain learns best when it is interested and present with new experiences. Games provide a hands-on multi sensory experience to encourage language, turn taking, and following directions!”

She concluded, “The biggest message is having fun with your family.”

As part of the evening  students made reading plans and took a pledge for how many books they will read in 2019. Also, students were able to visit various stations to play with words and letters using shaving cream, magnets, and play dough. Parents were introduced to simple ideas to do at home to reinforce literacy skills, such as molding Playdough into letters, or pushing Legos into it to leave an imprint of a letter.

Holbrook also introduced the school’s new Instagram account- @mp_reads. She said,  “This will be where we share our love of literacy information, and coming soon will be bedtime stories read by Memorial Park Staff.”

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