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Curriculum Updates from November & December

Over the past two months, students at Rockland High School have been completing the end of semester 1 work. A lot of hard work went into preparing for midterm exams and we are very proud of all of our students. Some (there are many, many more!!) of the academic highlights from the final two months of the first semester include the following:

  • Ms. McDonough’s Fantasy & Science Fiction students wrote and published a fifty page book of short stories that take place in an alternate universe. Five of these students learned that they won a writing contest in which they had to write a short work of horror. Young Writers is the organization who ran the contest and they will be publishing the stories in March. Over 13,500 students entered so it really is quite an accomplishment!
  • Students in Ms. Donovan’s Family and Consumer Science class and Mr. Grimmett’s Sociology class collaborated to hold a Global Christmas Extravaganza.  Together, students cooked African Beef Stew, Pão de Queijo, Roasted Butternut squash in olive oil and garlic, and Upside- Down Pineapple Noodle Kugel.
  • Students in Construction Technology designed and completed  3 mobile laptop carts for the Technology Department (to be used by students and staff). This hard work from our students saved the district significant money.  Students also constructed toys and bicycles for Holiday Magic.
  • The Art Department was proud to announce that senior A.P. Art student, Emmy Kelley, has so far been accepted to Mass College of Art & Design-Boston, Pratt-NYC, and S.C.A.D. in Savanna, GA. We are very proud of our students who pursue their passion in the fine arts and it is always impressive to hear the success of our students as they pursue their post secondary plans.
  • In December, students in the Art Club thoughtfully earned community service hours by making Holiday ornaments and cards for elderly residents at Marion Manor in Weymouth.
  • Students in the chorus and band did an exceptional job performing holiday concerts for students and parents at RHS, Rogers Middle School, the elementary schools, and the senior center. The students in chorus even made an appearance at the Holiday Stroll in November.
  • United States History II students were able to complete their work on the Progressive Era, which gave students the chance to begin exploring Imperialism in places like Hawaii, Latin America, and the Pacific Islands. Students completed a lesson on “America’s Homefront,” which takes an indepth look at the challenges the United States faced at home throughout World War I. Students also explored “Traditionalism vs Modernity” and the 1920’s, which covered everything from the “economic boom,” Red Scare, and Harlem Renaissance, to the start of the Great Depression. Students completed an analysis of the courtroom statements from the Sacco and Vanzetti Trial. “Twitter Slang” from the 1920’s, where student used twitter and cultural terminology to connect major themes, events, and/or conflicts from the era was used as an assessment. Students also performed  a debate on the morality of imperialism and compared its to the success of President Wilson’s WWI policies.
  • Ms. Dore’s French 2 and French 3 students created Adobe Spark projects.  In addition, French 2 students “visited” through Google Expeditions the catacombs of Paris and learned about their origin.
  • The Rockland High School Math Team has started the season off strong. They have placed well in all meets. The team has been lead by high scoring senior, Giovan Soares. The team consists of members Michelle Romaska, Katie Houdie, Melyssa Almeida, Yani Soares, Angelina Vuong, Nicolle Gudiel, Zach Webb, Kathleen Nee and Matthew McPartlin.
  • Physical Education students completed the Fitnessgram in all classes. Students focus on the five components of fitness when being tested with the Fitnessgram: aerobic capacity, muscular strength, muscular endurance ,flexibility, and body composition.
  • Students in Freshmen Health were busy in December learning about infectious diseases. Students understood and learned to identify the causes of infectious diseases and explain the four ways in which infectious diseases are spread.   The students were shown the Center of Disease Control (CDC) website.
  • Students in Anatomy and Physiology completed units learning about the Integumentary System and the Skeletal System.  Students collaboratively completed hands-on labs that enhanced in the topics of Skin Sensitivity and Synovial Joint Movement.
  • Thank you to our faculty and department heads for providing these highlights.
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