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2019-2020 Changes to the Program of Studies

The following changes have been made to the Program of Studies which will take effect starting the 2019-2020 school year. The entire 2019-2020 Program of Studies can be accessed by clicking here.

  1. Foundations of Art has been removed as a course offering. Students may enroll in the other art electives without taking Foundations of Art. Photography and Digital Imaging has been separated into two separate courses, Photography, and Digital Art.
  2. Film Studies, Creative Writing, Introduction to Theatre, Animal Behavior, History & Film, Advanced Woodworking, Intro to Javascript/Web Design, and Cybersecurity have been added as new electives.
  3. Introduction to Business, Accounting, Fantasy and Science Fiction, Sociology, Structures & Shed Design, and Computer Science will not be offered the 2019-2020 school year.
  4. Spanish IV College Prep. will not be offered next year; only Honors Spanish IV will be offered.
  5. An additional Physics Honors level has been added.
  6. AP Research is a new Advanced Placement course offered 2019-2020 for students who have successfully completed AP Seminar.
  7. Woodworking I & Woodworking II have been renamed to Beginning Woodworking and Intermediate Woodworking.
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