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World Language Curriculum Update

World Languages

Ms. Dore’s French 4 students created and presented a French lesson to Ms. Granahan’s 8th grade class. The high school students designed the lesson and spoke to the 8th graders about taking French classes at the high school.  Also, French 4 students regularly write in response journals. Ms. Dore’s French I and French II classes created digital presentations with voice and music recordings using Adobe Spark to practice speaking and listening to French.

Ms. Homokay’s Spanish 2 students practiced vocabulary using a variety of online tools such as Jeopardy and Kahoot Challenge. In addition to Kahoot, Ms. Homokay’s Spanish 3 students practiced vocabulary using Quizlet, and completed personal profiles in video format which they uploaded to Ms. Homokay’s Google Classroom.

Ms. Shaughnessy’s Spanish 3 classes created interactive projects using snapchat. Ms. Shaughnessy’s Spanish 4 classes researched current immigration data and compiled infographics using the data. Students then imported their infographic into Adobe Spark. Adobe Spark is an application that allows the user to record their voice with music to a presentation. Also, Spanish 3 and 4 classes used primary sources such as the local Spanish newspaper, El Mundo, to gather information about the Mexican Day of the Dead.

Ms. Tabares piloted the Vision of the Graduate assignment about the Day of the Dead with her Spanish classes.


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