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Physical Education & Health Curriculum Update

Physical Education & Health

This year the  Physical Education Department has a new course offering “ Strength and Conditioning.” The course is offered to 10-12 grade students and is taught by Michael Doyle.  This half year activity course will seek to improve an individual’s functional sport strength. All Sports have common actions that require the integration of muscular strength, flexibility, core stability, speed, power, and agility.  This course will utilize a variety of strength and conditioning techniques to improve one’s baseline levels and help reduce your risk of sport related injury. Programs are designed towards your sport related needs. This physically demanding course is ideal for those individuals seeking to improve their skill and sport-related fitness.  This course will be offered in the fall and spring.

We have continued our special offering of Adapted Physical Education to our students in grades ten through twelve.  The objective of our Unified Physical Education class is to promote social inclusion through shared sports training and skill development experiences.  Unified sports joins students with and without intellectual disabilities within the same class. The class participates in modified games and skills following the physical education curriculum. Many friendships have developed through this integrated physical education class. .

The  Physical education courses offer a variety of units, group and team sport opportunities. Students can also choose to participate in a large group game/ unit or  individual and group fitness program using the fitness rooms and back gym practicing sport skills. The following units have been taught during September and October 2018: Net games including  Badminton, Pickleball (extreme ping pong), Newcomb and Volleyball. Basketball shoot out , 3X3 scrimmages, Hockey and indoor softball , home run derby (wiffle ball), and a variety of large group games . All students are expected to show excellent sportsmanship and respect for each other at all times.

Health is a required course for all freshman. Freshman have health everyday other day, and they participate in a directed study on the off day. There is another elective course for seniors called Senior Issues/ Adult roles in society. All health classes focus on the importance of personal responsibility, integrity, critical thinking skills, stress reduction and conflict resolution. In  health and senior issues, Mrs. Phelps  started with the RHS handbook policies and procedures.  Classes focused on the bullying, harassment, sexual harassment, and hazing laws, with the noted consequences. Classes were taught the anti-bullying curriculum, and how quickly it can get out of control with the use of technology and social media.  The students were shown the movie Cyberbully and had class discussions on the topic. There was also discussions with the Senior Issues class. There is quite a difference in perception and maturity with the two age groups,when discussion the topic of bullying and cyberbullying.

The health department works close with the Guidance and School Adjustment Counselor. S.O.S. Signs of Suicide program was also rolled out to the freshmen during their health block with Mrs. Phelps and Mrs. Leahy. Classes are  currently working on the unit of Stress and how it impacts us on a day to day basis.   Students put together a methods toolbox to help gain control. The toolbox might have music, playlists, exercise, art, crafting, adult coloring, motivational quotes and speakers, also knowing when you may have to ask for support.

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