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Music Curriculum Update

The entire music faculty attended a professional development seminar in FOXBORO called “Creating an Arts Spirit.” Some of the activities we participated in included working with Ukuleles, percussion ensemble, chorus, developing a Jazz rhythm section and Leadership training. The leadership training seminar was run by Steve Massey. Two of our faculty members took the leadership training when they attended Foxboro High School. Attending this professional development was very helpful to our department as we are working to create an “Arts Spirit” in Rockland by teaching the curriculum to our students. Our first class of the 2018-19 year began last week with 14 students in attendance.

The boosters sponsored a fundraiser at Chipotle at the Derby street location. More than $300 was raised for the music department. The boosters will sponsor or 2nd annual mattress fundraiser on Sunday Oct 21, 2018. The mattress sale offers drastic discounts to residents, faculty and friends of the Rockland community.

The music department will be stepping up our physical presence in our community including performance at football, basketball games by our elementary and high school choruses.


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