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Family & Consumer Science Curriculum Update


This semester Family Consumer Science has only culinary classes . The following courses are being offered; Exploratory Foods 1, Exploratory Foods 2. At the beginning of school all classes learned and reviewed basic kitchen utensils and Safety in the kitchen. The students reviewed and learned important steps about food safety, proper cleaning, food temps and proper storage of foods. The Exploratory 2 classes researched an electronic resource : and learned new kitchen utensils ; chinoises, rotary apple peeler and grinder. After all basic safety and knowledge was learned through discussion and textbooks it was determined time to start cooking labs.

September Cooking Labs

  1. Oat smoothies / mango muffins/ monkey muffins
  2. Pancakes and crepes : stressing the importance of measuring and whisking techniques and even cracking the egg into the batter. Classes finished with a Pancake Smackdown, staff voting on the best pancakes or crepes.
  3. French Toast and stuffed french toast - students prepared  egg custard, a fruit compote and whipped cream , cooked strawberry jam; Result in french toast - Apple Compote and Stuffed strawberry cheesecake.
  4. The anatomy of an egg- how to fry sunny, over, over medium, over hard and scrambled three ways (British, French, and USA)
  5. Students learned different types of eggs; different grades of eggs and meanings- boiling ways and poaching of an egg.
  6. Students all look forward to free cook Fridays; this enables the students to pick a lab they enjoyed and prepare it again.

In October , Culinary classes welcomed a special outside guest from  Johnson and Wales Chef Demonstration . All classes were able to observe  how a chef prepares foods. The kitchen procedures and use of utensils were reviewed and assessed in all classes. Students have a better understanding on the importance of precise measurement of ingredients.

They also learned the importance of following a recipe’s directions.  Students learned about whole grains- how the grains are milled and the different types of grains. They watched a video of ancient and heirloom varietals.  Students continued to learn about preparation for vegetables.

The students watched and observed demo videos and actual demonstration about Whole Grains – Demo “Mind Over Munch” videos – make segue into Vegetables. Demo: roasting, mashing, boiling and broiling veggies. The importance of using  Kitchen Math and Measures: PowerPoint helped the students to realize the importance of application of the use of math.

The Exploratory 2  Reviewed More detailed demos for Vegetable Cutting Techniques -- Start instruction on Knife/Cutting Skills and Terms. Kitchen Math and Measures: PowerPoint. Students learned the different types of potatoes (i.e. fingerling,Yukon, purple, yam, russet… waxy vs. starchy). Students learned how to carve a  pumpkin safely and squash such as acorn, butternut, turban.

October Cooking Labs

  1. Omelets / Frittatas and Oatmeal / Farina
  2. Students were challenged to substitute a wheat - many substituted oatmeal
  3. EF-1: Cuban Red Beans and Brown WG Rice and WG Gourmet Grilled Cheddar w/ Apple & Fresh Thyme Panini
  4. EF-2: Autumn Glow “Salad” – Quinoa / Barley warm salad  and WG Gourmet Gruyere and Caramelized Onion on WG Bread Panini
  5. EF-1:  Ms. D’s Killer Salsa and Homemade tortilla chips and Garlic Mashed Potatoes
  6. EF-2: Homemade Hummus and Homemade pita chips and Roasted Butternut Squash
  7. The Halloweenie Party: menu :Orange Creamsicle Punch, Ear Wax Dip, Ghosts in the Graveyard Trifle, Pumpkin Scones, Monster Krispie Treats


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