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English Language Arts Curriculum Update


Mr. Bigsby’s grade 11 students excelled in their Transcendentalism unit. After reading “Civil Disobedience,” students designed non-violent socio-political protest posters that exemplified understanding and appreciation for the Transcendentalist movement.

Ms. Cahill’s freshmen have been using Quizlet to acquire new vocabulary and prepare for their vocabulary assessments. The students have responded well to this and appreciate the break from more traditional pencil & paper methods of review.

Mrs. Donovan is on maternity leave. Her grade 10 students, under the guidance of long term substitute, Ms. Fuss, have been preparing to read Fahrenheit 451 by journaling about important books they’ve read and researching on the topic of banned books.

Ms. McDonough’s Fantasy & Sci Fi students wrote their own Choose Your own Adventure books. One group consisting of two seniors and two freshmen did a particularly good job and published their work on a student-created website. This exemplifies the importance of electives where upper and under class students can work together toward a common goal).

Mr. Neal’s grade 10 students began the year with a study of symbols and symbolism in a long and the short story, “Ponies.” In doing this, students were thinking about texts from a
figurative rather than literal point of view right from the beginning of the year.

Ms. Walsh’s seniors spent most of term one working on a unit entitled Fortunate Fall. They compared Greek and Christian creation myths with an eye on evil in our society and in literature.

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