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Construction Technology Curriculum Update


This year the Construction technology classes are offering the following courses:

Woodworking , Everyday Repair, Structures and Shed Design. The Woodworking 1 course is the base course for safety and basic knowledge of woodworking. Everyday Repair and Structures and Design often have projects that  can overlap depending on the advancement of the students in the classes. The Everyday Repair and Structures and Shed Design courses allow students to move at a more advanced pace depending on the student’s abilities. The students have shown much enthusiasm in their projects and interests in finishing the projects that they have undertaken. The sounds from the shop are loud and the smell in the air of woodworking is that of fresh cut wood. The instructor has taught all safety rules and instructions for safe use of all machines. There is a strict safety protocol that every student must follow. The following is the list of projects and current level of status of  the projects.

Woodworking 1

  1. Spoon project – 80% COMPLETE
  2. Mailbox project – COMPLETED
  3. Wood bowl project – STARTING
  4. Wooden spatula project – ADVANCED KIDS ONLY
  5. Started jointer mallet project – VERY BEGINNING, ADVANCED KIDS ALMOST DONE
  6. Started paper towel holder project – BEGINNING
  7. Started threaded nut and bolt picture frame project – BEGINNING

Everyday Repairs

  1. Framed and installed 2×4 wall for electrical work station. – COMPLETED
  2. Built a 4×8 platform for plumbing and electrical 1/2 bath workstation. – COMPLETED
  3. Designed and built a rolling tool cart – COMPLETED
  4. Installed shelving in Mr. Robin’s room – COMPLETED
  5. Installed 2 new pull up bars, uninstalled and properly installed 2 existing pull up bars – COMPLETED
  6. Reupholstered 2 trainer tables – COMPLETED
  7. Reupholstered multiple fitness equipment cushions – COMPLETED
  8. Mack the dog project – NEVERENDING
  9. Installed more cord drops in shop – COMPLETED
  10. Made 20 compound word flash card stands for elementary school – COMPLETED
  11. Made shop fan base into a mobile base – COMPLETED

Structures and Shed Design

  1. Repaired broken drill press – COMPLETED
  2. Repaired broken band saw – COMPLETED
  3. Installed cut off saw outfeed table – COMPLETED
  4. Built pallet wood sofa tables – COMPLETED
  5. Pallet wood shelf project – COMPLETED
  6. Folding Picnic Table Bench Prototype – IN PROCESS

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