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Jefferson Elementary School Students Embrace Literacy During School-Wide Events

ROCKLAND — As part of Jefferson Elementary School’s emphasis on reading and family literacy, students engaged in two school-wide activities that brought classroom learning to life.

On Oct. 17, the Jefferson Parent Advisory Council hosted its annual Book Bingo Night. As in years past, it was a resounding success, with record attendance and a standing-room-only crowd. Much to students’ surprise, at the conclusion of the friendly competition, participants got to pick out and bring home a new children’s book to share with their families.

Two weeks later, on Oct. 31, the halls of Jefferson were abuzz with wondrous words and creative costumes. The elementary school hosted its first Vocabulary Parade and teachers and students alike were dressed to define the rich vocabulary words they had been studying.

“Everybody, from students, to faculty and staff had a great time during the Vocabulary Parade, which I hope will become annual tradition at Jefferson,” said fourth grade teacher Jade Marszalek, who organized and emceed the event. “I was so impressed by everyone’s dedication to making this new literacy event a fun learning experience.”

The art teacher donned an “unkempt” appearance while a third grade student sporting a dinosaur mask and claws made a fine example of “fierce.”

Students in soccer gear showed off their understanding of “speedy,” while a fourth grade student with face paint and a football player’s attire took “rowdy” to the next level.

“Students did an excellent job showcasing their creativity and understanding of some of their favorite vocabulary words,” STEM teacher Rachel Mack said. “This year’s parade was a scholarly success and students are already eager for what next year’s will bring!”


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