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Esten Elementary School Students Participate in Halloween Parade

ROCKLAND — In celebration of Halloween this year, students at Esten Elementary School teamed up for a literary-themed costume parade, showcasing their favorite characters from some of the books they have read during the school year.

On Wednesday, Oct. 31, the school was abuzz with kindergartners dressed as pigeons from the book “Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus,” by Mo Williems all the way up to third and fourth graders dressed up as their favorite vocabulary words in an homage to “Miss Alaineus: A Vocabulary Disaster” by Debra Frasier — a hilarious story chronicling one student’s misadventures with learning new words and phrases.

First graders dressed as Pete from “Pete the Cat” by Eric Litwin, and second graders rounded out the parade dressed as The Cat in the Hat.

The students marched around the inside of the school, and faculty and staffed joined the fun, dressing up as their own favorite children’s book characters. One group of first and second grade teachers collaborated to become “Snow White and the Seven Dwarves” while another group of third grade teachers all came to school as synonyms of the word “team.”

“Our students loved taking part in the parade and dressing up for Halloween,” Principal Marilyn Smith said. “The parade is a beloved annual tradition at Esten Elementary, and it gives students and teachers the opportunity to pair learning with dress up, showing as always that learning happens inside the classroom and outside.”


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