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Yearbook Ordering and Pricing Info

Yearbook Ordering and Pricing Info

Yearbook Pricing is as follows:

$50 if ordered by 1/1/19

$55 if ordered by 2/1/19

$60 if ordered by 3/20/19

3/20/2019 is the last day students can order yearbooks. Any student who does not order a yearbook by this date will only be able to purchase a yearbook IF there are books left over. We can NOT guarantee books for students who do not order by 3/20/2019.

Yearbooks can be ordered online at

Here is a link to the online ordering site.

The password to login is: bulldogs

Click on the “Order A Yearbook” button on the right, login and follow prompts.

Parent Ad Ordering and Pricing Info

Parent Ad Pricing is as follows:

$40 for a full page ad.

$30 for a half page ad.

$20 for a quarter page ad.

$10 for an eighth page ad.


Here Is a link with instructions on how to purchase and submit Parent Ads. The deadline for submitting Parent Ads is 3/1/19. We have a limited amount of space for Parent Ads so the earlier you submit the better.

Please note: these instructions are also attached at the bottom of this email.



Senior Photos & Senior Memories are DUE by December 1, 2018

Both can be emailed to If we do not receive a senior photo by the due date we will use your students School ID photo.


Restrictions for submitting Senior Photos:

  • Photos must be in portrait orientation.

  • Photos must be 300dpi resolution. Anything smaller than this will print blurry.

  • Photos must be saved as a .jpeg.

  • Please title photos using your students full name with the last name first. File names should look like this:



Restrictions for submitting Senior Memories:

  • Senior Memories should be typed on a Google Doc. They can be no longer than 3 lines using 11pt. Arial font on Google Docs.

  • Memories can include sports, clubs, extracurricular activities, quotes, etc. All senior memories should be school appropriate. References to anything that is not school appropriate will be removed by the yearbook advisor.

  • See example below for format:

    • Jane Doe

    • “J-Dog”

    • Cross-Country Captain (2015-2017) “We’re always thinking that someday we’ll be happy; we’ll get that car or that job or that person in our lives that will fix everything. But happiness is a mood, and it’s not a condition, not a destination.” -Julian Baker JPK, MGL, SMW, MEF, AFL, RTT.

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