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RHS Students Did Great job on their Advanced Placement Tests

Dear Students & Families,

I want  to commend our student body and faculty for Rockland High School’s performance during the 2017-2018 school year on Advanced Placement exams. Advanced Placement courses are classes offered at Rockland High School where students have the opportunity to earn college credit. We had our highest passing rate with 47% of our students earning a passing score. 96 students received either a 3,4, or 5 on these college courses. During the 2017-2018 school year, we had 6 AP Scholars, 6 AP Scholars with Honor, and 6 AP Scholars with Distinction. These students have been recognized with their names listed on the AP Scholar plaque outside the auditorium.  This is a significant improvement from 2 years ago, when we only 1 AP Scholar with Distinction and 1 AP Scholar with Honor.  AP Scholar recognitions are given to students who achieve grades of 3.0 or higher on at least three full-year AP Exams. AP Scholar with Honor Awards are awarded to students who receive a 3 or higher on at least four full year AP Exams and have an average of at least 3.25. AP Scholar with Distinction Awards are given to students who have a 3 or higher on at least five full-year AP Exams, averaging 3.5 or more.

The following students are recognized:

AP Scholars

Cameron,  Caitlin  F.

Domina,  Alexander  G.

Elliott,  Rebecca  G.

Long,  Meredith  

O’Brien,  Matthew  M.

Rogers,  Declan  J.

White,  James  G.

AP Scholar with Honor

Hunter, Harrison M.

Jones, Margaret M.

McNally, Saoirse R.

Panaro, Rebekah L.

Ramoska, Michelle C.

Sprague, Sabrina N.

AP Scholar with Distinction

Ellard III, John J.

Glennon, Aiden J.

Matson, Lily A.

McNally, Ronan G.

Naughton, Joseph T.

Sugrue, Sean P.

In addition,  26.5% of the seniors in the Class of 2018 passed an AP Exam during their time at Rockland High School. This is our highest percentage of students in a graduating class who have passed an AP Exam, ever!

We are very excited this year to offer two new Advanced Placement courses-AP Computer Science and AP Seminar.

I want to thank our students and faculty for their exceptional efforts and encourage all students to take advantage of these great course offerings!



John Harrison, Ed.D.

Rockland High School Principal

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