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Rogers Middle School students recognized as leaders

Sydney Blaney and Emma Cameron, Rogers Middle School eighth graders, were presented certificates by Superintendent Dr. Alan Cron for their participation in the Mass Maritime Advanced Studies and Leadership Academy. Rockland Public Schools photo

Rogers Middle School students, Sydney Blaney and Emma Cameron were recognized at the recent Rockland School Committee meeting by Superintendent, Dr. Alan Cron for participation in the Mass Maritime Advanced Studies Leadership program this summer.

RMS Principal, Beth Bohn introduced the girls and explained that the program at Mass Maritime is for students who are leaders in scholarship and school activities. The students were nominated by their teachers in recognition of their exceptional grades and participation in various activities throughout the year. Both students have achieved high honors and are leaders in student government and the National Junior Honor Society.

Blaney and Cameron, both eight graders this year, were enthusiastic about their summer experience that focused on STEM activities.

Blaney said, “I believe that the ASLP camp at the Massachusetts Maritime Academy was a once in a life time experience. I had very high expectations for all aspects of the camp: the people, the education, the dorms, and all my expectations were exceeded.”

Cameron explained that two of her favorite activities included being in the “gumby” water survival suit and being able to go in the 3 million dollar simulator that taught them how to control a boat. “It taught us how the waves in the ocean can steer your boat off course and how to re-coordinate your route.”

Blaney also commented on the bonds and friendships that they made at the three week long camp along with the educational aspects. “I learned so much about STEM and about myself, I learned to be outgoing and I learned I love theoretical science.”

Presenting each girl with a certificate, Superintendent Cron congratulated them on their accomplishments, saying that “they have made their school proud.”


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