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From The Nurse’s Desk: Reminders to Start the School Year

Health Room:

If you become ill students should request a pass to the health room from their classroom teacher. The nurse will determine if the student is to be sent back to class, detained in the health room, or dismissed from school and sent home. If the student is to be sent home, the nurse will call the student’s parent/guardian to discuss how he or she will get home.

Physical Examinations:

All new enrollees are required to present proof of a physical exam that has been completed within one year of school entry. Documentation of a physical exam is required in Grades 4, 7, and 11. Students who play sports will follow the MIAA physical exam requirements.

Medication at School:

The delivery of medication at school is regulated by the Department of Public Health and has specific guidelines in place for the health and safety of the student as well as confidentiality. Any student taking medication in school on a regular basis must have a new permission form signed by the parent/guardian and the prescribing physician every year. Medication must be provided to the school nurse in a pharmacy or manufacturer labeled container. When getting the original prescription at the pharmacy please ask for a second container with all the prescribing information attached so medication can be left at school.

Short-term medication (10 days or less), prescription or non-prescription will only be given if the proper permission forms are signed and dated by parent and physician if necessary. When your student needs medication at school please act quickly to follow these policies so the school nurse may begin to dispense the medication as soon as possible. Please contact your school nurse to discuss the scheduling of medication or any health issue pertaining to your student. All medication forms are on the Rockland Public Schools web page,

Allergies or Chronic Health Care Issue:

If your child has any type of allergy, including food allergy, or other chronic health issue please schedule an appointment to meet with the school nurse and, if necessary, the classroom teacher to plan appropriate responses and determine if medication needs to be kept at school.


Occasionally a student is kept home from school for illness. A student with vomiting or diarrhea should be kept home from school until symptoms have subsided for 24 hours, the student is able to take nourishment, and is sleeping through the night. If diarrhea or vomiting persists consult your primary care provider. If cold or cough symptoms are associated with a fever the child should not come to school. If symptoms do not readily improve contact you primary care provider. Your student may attend school if there is no fever. Your primary care provider should evaluate a sore throat in conjunction with a fever. Students treated for strep throat may return to school after 24 hours on an antibiotic.

Please notify the main office if you student is absent from school due to illness. This provides the school nurse with significant information to identify tracks of illnesses and to help prevent the spread of illness by communicating with staff and with parents/guardians.

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