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WBZ TV Meteorologist Visits Esten Elementary School

WBZ TV meteorologist Pamela Gardner spoke 4th graders at Esten on Wednesday.

WBZ-TV meteorologist, Pamela Gardner visited Rockland’s Esten Elementary School on Wednesday, May 2 to talk to fourth graders about many aspects of weather forecasting.

Gardner showed students how the WBZ weather team gathers and presents weather information to viewers.  She also presented detailed information to students about northeasters, hurricanes, tornadoes, hail storms, lightning and many other aspects of the science of meteorology.
Students asked many questions after her presentation about how to become a meteorologist, and about various other topics about weather forecasting, including tornadoes and hurricanes. Gardner showed students one photo from her first job in Terre Haute, Indiana where lightning struck a tree right near where she was reporting!
 Click here for a video of the visit produced by CBS local
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