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Rogers Middle School Students Learn About the Power of Kindness After Showing of the Movie ‘Wonder’

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Rogers Middle School Students Learn About the Power of Kindness After Showing of the Movie ‘Wonder’

ROCKLAND — Fifth grade students at Rogers Middle School know that when it comes to kindness, even the smallest act can make a difference in someone’s day.

On Nov. 22, 160 students attended a private showing of the movie, “Wonder.” The film follows the story of August “Auggie” Pullman, a fifth grade boy with Treacher Collins syndrome — a genetic disorder that prevents bones and tissue in the face from fully developing. The story weaves through multiple perspectives, taking viewers along Pullman’s journey as he explores the bonds of friendship, learns the power of acceptance and forgiveness, and finds the courage within to live the life he’s always wanted.

Students first read the novel of the same name by R.J. Palacio, on which the movie is based, during reading class with teacher Jean Page. While discussing the material, students learned about themes and point of view, and Page shared a monthly precept with her students that correlated with the book.

To conclude the unit, students and fifth grade teachers wrote their words to live by, which were accompanied by a corresponding illustration. The drawings are now hung throughout the third floor of Rogers Middle School to inspire and remind the community to always choose kindness.

“This unit was great for students because of how applicable the main character’s story is to their real lives,” Page said. “Being able to read R.J. Palacio’s novel and then see the adaptation on screen really brought what students learned about in the classroom in terms of point of view, themes and life lessons full circle.”

Fifth grade student precepts included:

Adam Stewart
Precept: Kindness brings rewards to others
Explanation: “If you are kind to someone, it is like giving them a free gift and you are also giving yourself a gift because it makes you feel good”.

Jocelyn Thibeau
Precept: Choose kindness
Explanation: “If you choose to be kind you can make someone’s day and change the world in a positive way.”

Katie McPartlin
Precept: Kindness is the key to life
Explanation: “Kindness will help you and others feel positive, which will allow you to move ahead in life.”


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