Front row

Veritas Editors: l to r: Jasmin Morse, Jayden Libby, Joe Taft, Sophie McLellan, Sean Vo and Shawna DeWolfe

2nd row

l to r: Joshua Thompson, Meaghan McDonough, Jaylen Haltiwanger, Erin Kearns, Brooke Kimball, Samantha Nachtman, Grace Laplante, Maria Fiore, and Julian Tarpey-Thomas.

Back row

Austin Woods, John MacDonald, Brittany Keefe, Maddie Gear, Juliana Smith, Jayanna Holliman Parham, Jake Lauria, Rylee Kimball and Liam Lenihan.  Missing from photo is Lucas Freitas.


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Veritas Staff 2015-2016,  Editorial Positions

Editors-in-Chief: Sophie McLellan and Sean Vo
Sports Editor: Joseph Taft
Website Editor: Jasmin Morse
Photo Editor: Shawna DeWolfe
Entertainment Editor: Jayden Libby



Shawna DeWolfe, Maria Fiore, Lucas Freitas, Madeline Gear, Jaylen Haltiwanger, Jayanna Holliman Parham, Erin Kearns, Brittany Keefe, 

Brooke Kimball, Rylee Kimball, Grace LaPlante, Jake Lauria, Liam Lenihan, Jayden Libby, John MacDonald, Meaghan McDonough, 

Sophie McLellan, Jasmin Morse, Samantha Nachtman, Juliana Smith, Joseph Taft, Julian Tarpey-Thomas Joshua Thompson, Sean Vo, Austin Woods



Madeline Lannin-Cotton, David Cable-Murphy