United States Service/Military Academies

These academies are federal academies for the undergraduate education and training of commissioned officers for the United States armed forces.

There are five U.S. (Federal) Service Academies:

West Point http://www.usma.edu
Air Force Academy http://www.usafa.af.mil/
Naval Academy http://www.usna.edu
Coast Guard Academy http://www.cga.edu
US Merchant Marine Academy http://www.usmma.edu


In order to be considered for entry into one of our nation’s federal service academies, applicants must obtain a nomination from the member of Congress who represents their community (nominations are not required for the US Coast Guard Academy in CT.)

Rockland’s Congressional representative is William Keating. For information on obtaining a nomination, please visit his website:


State-supported maritime college

Mass. Maritime Academy http://www.maritime.edu/